99.9% Hypersensitivity Free

Since 1991 LINACARE’s founder, Dr. Henry Fung, has been combining his expertise and experience in pharmacology, organic chemistry and patient care to produce a highly-effective family of non-allergenic, non-greasy, fast-absorbing creams. These products provide the longest lasting moisturization for face, hands, feet, and body. Moisture is necessary for all essential processes. LINACARE’s technology scientifically transports water through the skin’s membrane resulting in smooth supple skin. Particularly effective in the treatment of flaky, cracked, or itching skin, LINACARE is also 99.9% hypersensitive free.

Products Include

  • Transforming Face Cream Regular
  • Transforming Face Cream Light
  • Intensive Foot Therapy
  • Intensive Hand Therapy
  • Rehydrating Body Intensive Cream