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Rosacea/ Broken Capillaries/ Areas of Redness

Improving Your Complexion

A relatively common medical condition that affects up to 5% of the general population. Symptoms include rosy cheeks, red patches or small blood vessels on the face. If left untreated redness can become persistent and turn into full blown Rosacea.

Rosacea is a chronic redness of the skin that occurs most commonly on the face. Symptoms include rosy cheeks, red patches, or small blood vessels that appear on the face. It is worsened by UV radiation.
Aqua treatments help to eliminate Rosacea and other types of superficial redness.

Early warning signs of Rosacea include intermittent redness, persistent and stubborn redness, and visible capillaries on or around the nose.

Advanced signs of this stubborn condition include persistent eye irritation, and burning or stinging sensations in the affected area.

Persistent dryness results in the formation of plaques that can lead to thickened skin best treated with lasers and light therapy.


Often a progressive process that primarily involves the cheeks and nasal area, and forehead and chin.

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