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Moles and Cosmetic Lesions

Have Your Moles & Cosmetic Lesions Removed by a Trained Physician

Though moles, cysts and lesions are common appearances on many faces, they can be a source of embarrassment for some. For those who are self conscious, removal by a trained physician is a popular and effective option.

How do moles and lesions occur?

Many are born with moles, others are caused by increased sun exposure usually in the first 20 years of life. Most moles and skin lesions are not cancerous and can be safely removed by a trained physician. Other acquired skin lesions can also be treated including:
- Freckles and liver spots
- Areas of redness and broken capillaries
- Skin tags, sebaceous cysts, lipomas and keloids


‘Shave excision’ is an in-office procedure and the most common technique for removing moles and lesions. The procedures involves cutting out the entire mole, and stitching the sides back together.


Though simple, ‘shave excision’ relies on the skill of the physician. Dr Armogan happens to be expert at mole removal using extra fine sutures to minimize scarring. Some lesions can develop into cancerous lesions, so its best to consult a physician if you notice changes in your moles/skin lesions.

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